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Becker’s Top 10 most-recruited physician specialties

From Friday, May 12 Beckers – Gastroenterologists are the most-recruited physicians, according to Physicians Thrive’s “2023 Physician Compensation Report.”

For the report, Physicians Thrive compiled data from more than 12 sources, including Doximity, the Bureau of Labor Statistics and Merritt Hawkins.

1. Gastroenterologists

2. Radiologists

3. Rheumatologists

4. Hematologists/oncologists

5. Urologists

6. Cardiologists

7. Pulmonary/critical Care

8. Psychiatrists

9. OB/GYNs

10. Neurologists

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Becker’s The specialties driving ASC growth

From Becker’s As procedures migrate to the outpatient setting, ASC leaders are seeing cardiology and orthopedics as huge opportunities for growth.

Cardiology procedures received the highest estimated Medicare payment increases in 2021, making it the fastest growing ASC specialty, according to Avanza’s “2022 Key ASC Benchmarks and Industry Figures” report. Orthopedics is the most common specialty for ASCs in 2022, according to March data from the ASC Association.

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