Precise and Efficient

The OEC 3D C-arm is designed to bring high-definition 3D and 2D images covering a large FOV to surgical suites and integrating into existing surgical workflows.

3D Imaging Every Day

The OEC 3D is a true 3D/2D C-arm with the flexibility to acquire both precise 3D and 2D images without switching systems. Transitioning quickly and easily provides greater efficiency and versatility for a wide range of clinical applications from spine and orthopedics to cardiac and vascular. Finally, a 3D C-arm that every surgical suite deserves.


Precise Images

See more levels during a spinal fusion, or more of the pelvis or femur during an orthopedic procedure. With a 19 cm x 19 cm x 19 cm volume, OEC 3D captures a 67% greater volume than other 3D C-arms*.

*Compared to other 3D C-arm published specifications.

Capturing as much data as possible is critical in creating highly detailed images. The OEC 3D delivers a true 200° isocentric orbital sweep, 35° more than other 3D C-arms*, for comprehensive 3D volumetric images.

*Compared to other 3D C-arm published specifications.