New GE OEC Brivo C-arm:

The newest member of the GE OEC C-arm family, the Brivo delivers OEC quality imaging ideal for non-complex procedures, in a simple point-and-shoot compact C-arm, for an affordable price. Easy positioning and maneuverability enable optimal image acquisition with fewer re-takes. The affordability and mobility of the new generation of OEC C-arms can transform healthcare in private practices simply by increasing access to quality imaging.

Save to USB media and enjoy multiple save options, including 100,000 image storage capacity. Boost your productivity with seamless connectivity and easy data management.

OEC Brivo is backed by an industry leader and an outstanding service support team to deliver the protection and peace of mind you need when you have a waiting room filled with patients.

Affordable, and reliable, it’s the perfect choice for the physician’s office.


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OEC Brivo Plus Brochure