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How 740 self-employed physicians feel about their income (Becker’s)

Over half of self-employed physicians are satisfied with their income, according to Medcape’s 2022 “Self-Employed Physicians Report.”

The report surveyed over 740 self-employed physicians.

It found that 19 percent of self-employed physicians are very satisfied with their incomes, while 46 percent are satisfied.

Twenty-one percent feel neutral about their incomes, and 10 percent are unsatisfied. Just 3 percent are very unsatisfied.

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Most Popular Medical, Non-Medical Side Gigs for Physicians (Becker’s)

Do you have a side hustle? According to Physician Extra Income report from Medscape, 37-Percent of Physicians have a side gig.

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Thirteen most popular medical side gigs:

1. Medical consulting

2. Expert witness

3. Chart reviewing

4. Medical moonlighting

5. Speaking

6. Telemedicine

7. Medical device development

8. Healthcare startup development

9. Medical spa work

10. Medical podcasting/blogging

11. EMR training

12. Tutoring

13. Mental health counseling

Thirteen most popular non-medical side gigs: 

1. Real estate

2. Investing

3. Consulting

4. Teaching

5. Writing

6. Sports

7. Business consulting

8. Social media influencer

9. Cooking

10. Arts and crafts

11. Playing music

12. Life/career coaching

13. Photography