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What employed physicians like least about their job (Becker’s)

From Becker’s, Medscape surveyed more than 1,350 physicians employed by healthcare organizations, hospitals, large group practices, clinics or other medical groups about their jobs.

Here is why surveyed physicians dislike being employed:

  • Less autonomy: 48 percent
  • More workplace rules: 34 percent
  • Less income potential: 33 percent
  • Mandatory performance targets: 24 percent
  • Lack of job security: 7 percent
  • Not as productive as I would like: 6 percent

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11 things that attract patients to a new practice (Becker’s)

Interesting new article in Becker’s ASC from Claire Wallace, “11 things that attract patients to a new practice

Seventy-three percent of patients keep a “mental scorecard” on their likes and dislikes about their healthcare provider’s office, a new study from EHR company ModMed and OnePoll found.

The 2022 “ModMed Patient Experience Report” used a random survey, conducted between Feb. 2 and Feb. 4, of 2,000 participants to determine what is important to them in seeking out a practice.

The survey results, released July 28, revealed 11 things that are most important to patients:

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