“For service on your GE OEC C-Arm, call 1-800-874-7378, 24/7.”

From day-one, your new, used or refurbished c-arms purchased from GE OEC are directly supported by GE OEC’s nationwide, service, training and sales teams.

Your new, used or refurbished c-arm’s UPTIME is critical to your success. When your c-arm goes down, you are clinically and financially out of business. Reestablishing your reputation with patients and referring physicians after the frustration of cancelling and rescheduling cases is difficult at best.

You deserve to enjoy the confidence of being supported by a nationwide team of full-time, local, experienced field service engineers (FSEs), a 24/7 hotline and a multi-million-dollar, strategically-located repair parts inventory. Without it, you have few options, when your c-arm goes down. This support comes with every GE OEC c-arm whether it is new, used or refurbished regardless of where you are located.

GE OEC’s full-time, field service team of 200 men and women averages 15 years’ experience. They only install and service our new, used and refurbished GE OEC c-arms. To stay current, they receive 60-hours of additional training annually.

We have 14 FSEs in TEXAS!


Our team of 60 GE OEC full-time clinical imaging specialists supports the sales and service teams by demonstrating our new, used and refurbished c-arms. They also train new and provide continuing education for existing customers. All are licensed radiation technologists (RTs), with long experience They “live” in the OR and can show you and your staff how to really put your new, used and refurbished c-arm “through its paces.”

When you choose a new, used or refurbished c-arm from GE OEC, you get more than a piece of equipment. You have a long-term partner, the company that has been and continues to be the US c-arm market leader plus the supporting cast that has been instrumental in getting and keeping us there.

Service FAQs

Yes. However, the special promotions that were available when your C-Arm was installed are no longer available. The “adulterated” parts requirement also applies.

The GE OEC field service team can only service an OEC c-arm purchased from a “third party” once ALL “adulterated” parts (non-certified parts), have been removed by our a GE OEC field service engineer and replaced with certified GE OEC parts AT THE OWNER’S EXPENSE. The unit will then be eligible for a GE OEC service agreement.

Every one of our C-Arms has a local field service engineer and a back-up assigned not only to handle service calls but to automatically schedule and perform routine and preventative maintenance.

Our GE OEC field service engineers average 15 years’ experience and receive 60 hours of training annually to keep current.

Yes. The same service agreement options and pricing are available for new, refurbished, and demo C-Arms purchased from GE OEC.

A variety of service agreement options are available with different amounts of coverage and price points. We are happy to discuss, contact us for more information.

You can purchase a service agreement any time before, during or after your 1-year factory warranty expires. However, for the best “deal”, you should purchase your service agreement when your c-arm is installed. GE OEC offers attractive promotional pricing if you purchase at or before installation. Of course, you do not begin paying for your service agreement until your 1-year factory has expired.

If your GE OEC C-Arm is under its 1-year GE factory warranty or if you have purchased a GE OEC extended warranty (“service agreement”), you are a priority customer. There are nearly 200 full-time, GE employee women and men in our US field service team. Their only job is to install and service GE OEC C-Arms purchased from GE OEC. Their goal is for our warranty customers to have “uptime” at 98% or better.

Call GE OEC 24/7 at 1-800-874-7378. In addition to your contact information, they will need to know the serial number of your c-arm in order to schedule a service appointment.

If you have questions on the OPERATION of your GE OEC c-arm, call the 800 # above and choose option #1. You will be able to talk to a “live” GE OEC clinical imaging specialist during normal business hours or leave a message and have your call returned the next business day. There is no charge.