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Yes. However, the special promotions that were available when your C-Arm was installed are no longer available. The “adulterated” parts requirement also applies.

The GE OEC field service team can only service an OEC c-arm purchased from a “third party” once ALL “adulterated” parts (non-certified parts), have been removed by our a GE OEC field service engineer and replaced with certified GE OEC parts AT THE OWNER’S EXPENSE. The unit will then be eligible for a GE OEC service agreement.

Every one of our C-Arms has a local field service engineer and a back-up assigned not only to handle service calls but to automatically schedule and perform routine and preventative maintenance.

Our GE OEC field service engineers average 15 years’ experience and receive 60 hours of training annually to keep current.

Yes. The same service agreement options and pricing are available for new, refurbished, and demo C-Arms purchased from GE OEC.

A variety of service agreement options are available with different amounts of coverage and price points. We are happy to discuss, contact us for more information.

You can purchase a service agreement any time before, during or after your 1-year factory warranty expires. However, for the best “deal”, you should purchase your service agreement when your c-arm is installed. GE OEC offers attractive promotional pricing if you purchase at or before installation. Of course, you do not begin paying for your service agreement until your 1-year factory has expired.

If your GE OEC C-Arm is under its 1-year GE factory warranty or if you have purchased a GE OEC extended warranty (“service agreement”), you are a priority customer. There are nearly 200 full-time, GE employee women and men in our US field service team. Their only job is to install and service GE OEC C-Arms purchased from GE OEC. Their goal is for our warranty customers to have “uptime” at 98% or better.

Call GE OEC 24/7 at 1-800-874-7378. In addition to your contact information, they will need to know the serial number of your c-arm in order to schedule a service appointment.

If you have questions on the OPERATION of your GE OEC c-arm, call the 800 # above and choose option #1. You will be able to talk to a “live” GE OEC clinical imaging specialist during normal business hours or leave a message and have your call returned the next business day. There is no charge.

Generally, yes. Specific items must be approved by GE to be included on your GE Healthcare Finance lease.




Yes. Our GE Healthcare Finance colleagues are experienced and can discuss in detail the various leasing and equipment loan options they offer.

Yes, as long as you meet the credit requirements.

Medical capital equipment leases are typically 60 months. You can choose shorter or longer lease terms as well.

The most common types of leases are the capital lease or “lease-to-own” where you own the equipment at the end of the lease term. The other is the “fair market value” lease where the end of the lease term, you have the option to purchase the equipment at its ”fair market value”, return it or continue the lease on a month-to-month basis.

GE offers several options for each type of lease such as $99/month for the first 6 months.

Contact us to discuss lease options.

No. However, we work closely with the GE ultrasound sales team if/when you decide to purchase.



No. We do provide GE’s excellent, detailed video tutorials.

Rates are reasonable. The longer you rent, the better the rental rate.

Contact us for a quote.

Next day, if need be. Portable units are not very heavy.

Just about anyone in the USA.

We rent our ultrasound units just about anywhere in the USA.

Only late model GE portables. No old technology, out-of-date or refurbished systems.

To fill a unexpected need when the capital budget does not include an ultrasound system.

“Try before you buy.” Use the unit to be sure that it is what you really want and need.

To verify and better understand ultrasound reimbursement.

To understand how incorporating ultrasound will effect work flow.

Uncertainty in the US healthcare market. Is it smart to make a large investment or sign a long-term lease?

A new ultrasound-trained physician is about to join and needs a system to begin practicing but an ultrasound system is not in the capital budget.

Your current ultrasound unit has “died” and you need a system fast.

You only need a system for a short term project.

It is all about filling unexpected or short term needs.